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Kagrra English Fansites
{{ Kagrra ~ cherry blossoms romance }}
- - The first English Kagrra website online. There are article translations and lyrics besides other essential Kagrra information.

{{ Ashes of The Crow }}
- - This site has not been updated for a while but it houses some nice Kagrra scans and interviews.

{{ ++ Gen no Gion ++ }}
- - The first Akiya English-Chinese fansite.

{{ Sakura }}
- - First Kagrra Spanish site on the net with Flash implementations. Now in English too.

{{ Kagrra Fanlisting }}
- - Go and get listed!

Kagrra Chinese Fansite
{{ Sakura no Maboroshi }}
- - A very pretty Isshi fansite with cosplay pictures by Awaji Yuka.

Kagrra Russian Fansite
{{ Kagrra Fansite }}
- - First Kagrra Russian site on the net.

Kagrra Japanese Fansites
{{ 刹なる旋律 }}
- - Constantly updated with cosplay pictures and Live reports, owned by a friend of mine Kamiya Hinaki.

{{ ~angellie-key-crow }}
- - Not much information here but I love the midi file that plays in the background.

Other Sites With Kagrra Information
{{ Kagrra Official Website }}
- - Updated and renewed. Now houses all information we need on Kagrra and their future activities. Japanese only.

{{ Kururi }}
- - The shop that is responsible for some of Kagrra's Live costumes.

{{ Invasion Dream }}
- - Another English visual kei database website that has up to date Kagrra news and other information. Also has a collection of Kagrra lyrics.

{{ Kagrra Mailing List }}
- - Hosted on Yahoo! eGroups. It is not the most active fanspot at the moment but occasionally there are Kagrra Live reports posted by fans on the list.

{{ Kagrra ~ black feathers' }}
- - Another fan discussion board hosted on Live journal with a pretty nice posting interface. However it needs some 'life' to make it an enjoyable place. Another slow board. So if you're not a member yet join and let the fun begin. Blah...

{{ Brand X }}
- - A good and efficient indies specialty store that ships overseas. Only drawback is their Japanese Only online order form but no worries as their staff can speak English so any troubles, just send them a mail.

{{ GuruGuru }}
- - A Sapporo based indie specialty store that has tons of used goodies from fan club newsletters to tour goods. Their staff too can comprehend English.

{{ Third Stage }}
- - They have a special service for orders that come from outside of Japan. The person in charge is capable of comprehending English. Although postage will cost a fortune, Third Stage is very reliable. I have never tried their service before but according to those who have, it is safe and convenient. I've been to their store and the people there are nice...if that would make any consolation.

{{ Yenbanya }}
- - They have instructions on how to order from them written in English. You can also find some really cheap used items from them.

Kagrra Unofficial Fansite