Here is a list of Kagrra albums, singles, videos & related releases available in the market. You will need a Japanese font reader to view this page properly. Translations are subject to error.

Hyakuyae 『百夜絵』
--Picture Of A Hundred Nights--
*before Kagrra, released as CROW
1. Hyakki Yakou (Demon Night Train) 百鬼夜行
2. Awaki Honoo ni tsutsumarete (Engulfed in a Flame) 淡き炎に包まれて
3. Setsunaru Kotoba (Divine Words) 刹なる言葉
4. Saishuu Tensei (Final Reincarnation) 最終転生
Kotodama 恋綴魂
1. Kotodama 恋綴魂
2. Kotodama (instrumental)
2000/12/01 + 2001/03/03 + 2001/12/19
Nue 鵺
(PSTA-0008) 1st Press
(PSTA-0010) 2nd Press
(PSTA-0016) 3rd Press
1. Giyu no Uta (Devil's Song) 鬼遊の唄
2. Mateki (Devil's Flute) 魔笛
3. Nue no naku koro (When the 'Nue' cries) 鵺の哭く頃
4. Konton (Chaos) 混沌
5. Shi.mi.me.yu.ki.sa.a し・み・め・ゆ・き・さ・あ
6. Shiroi Mashu (White clutch of Evil) 白い魔手 [only in 2nd&3rd Press]
2001/03/03 + 2002/03/06
Sakura 桜
--Cherry Blossom--
(PSTA-0011) 1st Press
(PSTA-0017) 2nd Press
1. Sakura~Saikai no Hana~ (Cherry blossom~Flower of reunion) 桜~再会の華~
2. Aoi no Souretsu (Aoi's Funeral) 碧の葬列
3. Yousai (Mythical Fete) 妖祭
4. Sarasouju no Komori Uta (Sarasouju's Lullaby) 沙羅双樹の子護唄
5. Sakura~Saikai no Hana~ (accoustic version) [only in 2nd Press]
Genwaku no Jyoukei 幻惑の情景
--Scenic Fascination--
(8 cm CD single)
1. Genwaku no Jyoukei 幻惑の情景
Memai 眩暈
(8 cm CD single)
1. Memai 眩暈
Kami Uta 神謌
--Song of the Gods--
(8 cm CD single)
1. Kami Uta 神謌
Tsurezure naru mama ni 徒然なるままに
--In ennui--
(8 cm CD single)
1. Tsurezure naru mama ni 徒然なるままに
Irodori 彩
1. Genwaku no Jyoukei (Scenic Fascination) 幻惑の情景
2. Memai (Dizziness) 眩暈
3. Kami Uta (Song of the Gods) 神謌
4. Tsurezure naru mama ni (In ennui) 徒然なるままに
5. Setsunaru Kotoba (Divine Words) 刹なる言葉
7. Hyakki Yakou (Demon Night Train) 百鬼夜行
Yume Izuru Chi 夢イズル地 
--Land that relinquishes Dreams--
1. Yume Izuru Chi (Land that relinquishes Dreams) 夢イズル地 
2. Gion (Garden) 祇園
Kirameki 煌~きらめき~
1. Rinne Mokushiroku (Cycle of Reincarnation) 輪廻黙示録
2. Yume Izuru Chi (Land that relinquishes Dreams) 夢イズル地
3. Saiyuki 西遊記
4. Kairai no So-utsu (A Puppet's Manic) 傀儡の躁鬱
5. Hibun (Sorrowful Writing) 悲文
6. Tsumi to Batsu (Crime & Punishement) 罪ト罰
Kotodama 恋綴魂
1. Kotodama
2. Kotodama (remix)
3. Kotodama (new acoustic rendition)
Sakura Maichiru ano Oka de
1. Sakura Maichiru~
2. Sakura Maichiru~ (remix)
3. Sakura Maichiru~ (new acoustic rendition)
--1st Full Album--
1. Ayashi no Hikari (Sinister Light) 妖しの光
2. Fuusetsu (Rumours) 諷説
3. Ihoukyou (Foreign Land) 異邦境
4. Kisen (War of the Devils) 鬼戦
5. Hizou (Hidden Agenda) 秘慥
6. Genoku (Endless Illusions) 幻憶
7. Mukuro no Toride (Fort of the Dead) 骸の砦
8. Hirenkidan (Recital of a Tragic Love) 悲恋鬼談
9. Mikoto (Command) 命
10. Shuuen no Kisetsu (Season of Death) 終焉の季節
**the songs tell a tale of the Goddess Suzuka in Oni Hime [Suzuka Gozen] (鈴鹿御前)
Haru Urara 春麗ら
--Beautiful Spring--
1. Haru Urara (Beautiful Spring) 春麗ら
2. Ran (Riot) 乱
3. Nageki no Uta (Song of Sorrow) 嘆きの詩
Yotogibanashi 夜伽話
1. Gekka Sousou 月下想葬
2. Afurase Tanmaina あふらせ たんまいな
3. Kisai 奇祭
Urei 愁
1st major release
1. Urei (Sorrow) 愁
2. Koi (Love) 戀
3. Hana (Flower) 華
4. Urei (Sorrow) 愁 instrumental
Miyako 京
2nd full album
--- 10 tracks ---

Hold Your Key 2000
Kagrra was known as Crow during this time. Appeared on compilation CD, Track number 5.
* Sakura Maichiru ano Oka de --- 葬春華舞散るあの丘で
The End Of Century
A collection of CROW Lives that took place in 1999
Expect Rush II (CD-ROM + book)
Kagrra is featured here with other bands like Kagerou, baroque, Psycho le Cemu, Due'le quartz, and MUCC. The CD-ROM features personal video messages from band members and the book includes 50 and 100 questions for each band.
Click {here} for some screen caps.
Fool's Mate Special Release
Gendai Kisou Onzu-kan
(book + trading cards)
159 colored + b&w pages featuring a variety of indie bands in interviews, quizzes and photo articles. Other than Kagrra (12 pg), Merry, Onmyouza, Guruguru Eigakan, Inushi Circus-dan, baroque, MUCC and many more are featured.
[gozen] photo book
(comes with bag)
80 colored pages featuring pictures of Kagrra in theme with their 1st full album [gozen]. Sample pictures are available on Kagrra's official website.

神 楽 風 雲 録
Includes Live clips of their One Man Tour 2001, approx. 60 minutes.
Nationwide release of 3000 copies at ¥3500
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Yume Izuru Chi PV
Sold only at their One Man Final on June 16, limited to 500 copies only making it a super rare item.
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Kotodama PV
Given away for free with the sending in of the enquette and stickers that came with the double singles and [gozen].
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Hisai 秘祭
Footage from Kagrra's One Man concert in Shinjuku Liquid Room on August 27 of the same year. Includes back stage and rehersal scenes.

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