N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 2

f r o m : A K I Y A
Date November 22 Time 00:39:54
XXX is going to use XXX to do it tomorrow... Don't tell anyone about it!!!

f r o m : N A O
Date November 21 Time 00:18:49
We will need your support tomorrow. Really need it. We don't want to lose out against Izumi. Please lend us your strength.

f r o m : A K I Y A
Date November 21 Time 00:16:22
I think we're going to do it tomorrow... Hey Nao, aren't you suppose to hit it? (deep meaning)

f r o m : I Z U M I
Date November 21 Time 00:03:19
I'm so sorry. Regrettably, I was only able to perform 99% for this show. Izumi's feeling sad right now...BUT the next Live will be the next Live. And it's all about love!!

f r o m : I Z U M I
Date November 07 Time 14:39:31
Yokohama! The beach! I haven't been to the beach for quite some time now... Oh yes, I got to eat oranges!! Next is Urawa, the place that always brings back fond memories... Narciss is after all my place. I'm coming home---!!

f r o m : N A O
Date November 05 Time 15:44:20
First day of our Tour! Machida Playhouse!! My neck hurts crazy!!! My right butt cheek hurts--------------but!!! It was really fun. When we made our way to the stage I was feeling slightly nervous, even a little bit scared. But then I thought, no, I felt, that all your smiles gave us, the band, and me, Nao, strength and courage to go on. It was as if every aspect of us became stronger. You guys are the best!! Some of you may think that I'm writing nonsense here and am not making sense and I do realize that I'm not good at writing but this is just exactly what I felt then. I'm going to work hard for our next Live in Yokohama~!

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