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f r o m : N A O
Date October 31 Time 14:25:44
Cheese!! I wanted to write in this diary immediately (after the fantrip) but didn't get the chance. Sorry! So, how was the Kamakura Promenade? I'm hurting all over from the walk but It looks like I'm the only one in the band who is suffering from muscle pains. Well, we did walk a long way didn't we? But it was a lot of fun!! However, I did regret leaving my 'Charisma Santen(3 points) Set' at home and that was the reason of my rather low mood in the morning of our trip. To think that I was all set to present it to all of you. Oh well, I'll keep it for our next trip!! Whatever the case, the trip ended safely and I am very glad. Whoa, such a long entry yet again. I'm kind of sleepy now so that's all.

f r o m : I Z U M I
Date October 09 Time 20:05:05
Long time no see...!! Lately I've been living in the studio. How are all of you?
I want to eat oranges!! Of course I want summer oranges!!
It won't be long till our Tour...won't it be good if we have a new song...
Whoops!! Bye bye.

f r o m : S H I N
Date October 08 Time 16:36:53
Thanks for coming to our Live. It was really fun. There won't be any Lives coming anytime soon as it's that time for us to retreat into the seclusion of the studio again in hopes of producing a great album for all of you. I'll write in this diary more often now so when you have time, please read it ok?

f r o m : A K I Y A
Date October 08 Time 12:57:47
We are in recording as usual. Just wanted to let you know my amp died on me... Nao and I sent it for repair yesterday. Hurry up and return to your true state!! The Tour is waiting for you!!

PS : Sorry for that not very lovely sight during the October 5 Live...

f r o m : N A O
Date October 07 Time 12:42:51
Hi everyone. Been having muscle pains lately. We're actually in the midst of recording at the moment but I wanted to write about what I thought of our Live on October 5. It was a while since we had a Live so that October 5 show was rather stressful on me as I was actually nervous!! And the more I had to make myself play well for all of you. All I could think of was that I needed to make sure everyone of you would be able to enjoy your time spent with us. I was thinking of so many things until at one point I felt that my mind was going in circles. I'm still just an immature kid huh?

From now on, for the band and for myself, I want to create my own play stance and work harder than before.

PS : Soon, it'll be time for the fantrip in Kamakura and the charismatic sensei says to make sure everyone wears their sneakers or else...!! This is a little off topic but I forgot to mention it before. I don't really know how to put it into words but I want to work hard to build myself to be a better member of Kagrra, as a band and as a person who can be depended on by all of you. Wow, this is a long entry and that's all for now.

f r o m : S H I N
Date October 02 Time 12:32:32
Hey all. It's been awhile since I last wrote anything.
I know it's been almost a month since my birthday but I wish to say thank you for all the wishes. I was really happy.
We are recently busy with the recording of our new album [gozen]. We're pretty much in seclusion from the outside world at the moment.
The album is still under works but it feels like it's going to be great.
Please anticipate it!!

Lastly, here is the story of what happened at exactly 0000 hours on September 11.
On that day, I was actually staying over at Izumi's house...it was an extremely quiet night.

Shin : Is there nothing that you want to say to me?
Izumi : Huh? Aaaaa~~*yawn* Happy Birthday
Shin : Sheesh!! Don't say 'Aaaaa~~'

And that was my very quiet birthday.
Thanks anyway!!

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