J U L Y 2 0 0 2

f r o m : I Z U M I
Date July 02 Time 22:46:09
Meditating today... but it is too darn hot!! It's 35.8 degrees outside.
Recording is successfully over now, so it's time to have some fun with the rest of the band!!!

f r o m : A K I Y A
Date July 02 Time 21:50:13
After studio today I went to get some extra RAM for my iMac. I can't wait to add it on!!
With the additional RAM I'll be able to speed up my Mac and make better songs.
Sorry, nothing else to say. -Akiya

f r o m : N A O
Date July 02 Time 21:45:24
Good afternoon guys. Kijyousai(meet the fans event at Takadanobaba) has ended successfuly.
Did you guys have fun? For the next event you can bet for something even better. Hey, I am after all the man!!
Take care, it's cold season again.

f r o m : I S S H I
Date July 02 Time 21:31:49
The weather is great today.
It's been awhile since we were in recording and it was fun.
Hope to see you guys at our Lives again.

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