M A R C H 2 0 0 2

f r o m : S H I N
Date March 25 Time 01:43:32
I'm conserving my energy now! I can feel it, there is going to be an explosion just right before out TOUR!! Anticipate it....

f r o m : N A O
Date March 25 Time 01:41:33
Good afternoon you guys. It's me Nao. This time we will be presenting one of our most compact Lives ever to you. My bass will roar!! And Kagrra will rock!! And so will you!!

f r o m : A K I Y A
Date March 25 Time 01:38:09
Been conserving up my energy for our upcoming TOUR. This time I want to try and show all of you full volume Lives!

f r o m : I S S H I
Date March 25 Time 01:35:50
Spring is finally here. Is it nostalgia I feel or maybe sadness...but somehow when I listen to my songs I feel calm and serene.

f r o m : I Z U M I
Date March 25 Time 01:33:00
Our latest single [Yume Izuru Chi] just came to birth and things are looking fine for Kagrra. How are all of you? We are really looking forward to our shows in April, we'll definitely do our best so come and watch us!

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