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f r o m : N A O
Date January 31
Hi, is everyone fine?
I have not been getting enough sleep or enough rest lately due to the endless song making sessions. However, throughout this whole ordeal, I have come to realize the importance of recreation in one's life. I'm going to get Izumi to come with me for a round of soccer! Then, after that only, will I continue with the songs.

f r o m : I S S H I
Date January 25 (fri) Time 19:41:31
Hi, Isshi here.
Well, I'm Isshi the mole to be exact (refering to the animal that lives underground). I really want to meet all of you now...

f r o m : S H I N
Date January 23 (wed) Time 15:41:56
Dear fans,
I'm right in the middle of doing pre-productions for the new songs now. It seems like it is going on 24 hours a day. I am awaiting the day when these songs will be heard by all of you in full anticipation.

f r o m : A K I Y A
Date January 18 (fri) Time 18:07:55
Today, it's me Akiya.
It's just pre-production everyday. We've done 1/3 of it.
The video is also near completion.
I'm definitely in anticipation!

f r o m : N A O
Date January 17 (thu) Time 16:51:06
Hi, is everyone fine? We're actually in the midst of composing our songs. It's really hard...
I really wish I can meet all of you now!~
Speaking of the songs, we're now at the hardest part of it all but we definitely are continuously hoping to come out with only the best for all of you.
PS : It'll be a loss to not catch the World Cup!!!

f r o m : I Z U M I
Date January 14 (mon) Time 17:55:39
Hi, it's me, the ever so busy Izumi. Are all of you fine?
All of us in Kagrra are in good health and it's just endless indoor life for us these days. We are now in the midst of making new and what not songs. We also managed to make a few cool sounding compositions so please anticipate Kagrra's new songs.

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